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There are several consequences of not carrying out a regular pruning schedule. These include: increased risk of failure in vegetative development, development of unwanted low branches, formation of codominant stems (which disproportionate the weight of the tree with respect to the trunk axis), dead branches with risk of falls, obstructed views, compromise with cables or structures , concealment of natural lighting.
Healthier, younger trees tolerate greater amounts of live limb removal than mature or unhealthy trees. Higher rates may be applied to certain branches or crown sections to improve structure or for other reasons (aesthetics, safety, specimen health).
If there is a lot of shade, the tree removes branches, and others are also lost due to frost or the pressure of herbivores. In fact, says Labajos, wrong pruning causes strange, unbalanced growth, and trees that become weak and insecure.
Many people associate autumn with the practice of pruning. However, of all the seasons of the year, in general, autumn is precisely the worst season to do it.
The main use of pruning is to stimulate the development of a stout structure in the trees and to reduce the probability that they will be damaged by inclement weather.


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